A multiproduct platform in blockchain ecosystem

Several amazing features will be available on the Fleshy Tender ONE
  • Bot Factory
  • Automated Distribution
  • Event Hosting
  • Social Manager
  • Escrow Platform 
  • Mobile Application

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1 FT1 = 0.015 USD
Welcome to Fleshy Tender One (FT1)
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What is FT1 token?

FT1 is a utility token used for payment of services in the Fleshy Tender ONE
Ecosystem. Users can chose to pay in FT1 token for creating bot,
contest, bounty and social manager subscriptions.
The token will also be available on the Excrow platform. It can be used to
pay for transaction charges on the platform.


The Fleshy Tender ONE(FT1)
is intended as a platform as a service purposely to
revolutionize the process of easing the efforts of project developers in the
blockchain ecosystem.
Theplatform’s aim is to create a world leading one
stop platform to provide a secure peer to
peer escrow service and convenient access to project development which
will focus on a no coding approach.
Fleshy Tender ONE (FT1)
consists of many features which are basically grouped into the Fleshy
Tender ONE and the Escrow platform.

Tokensale Stages

March 6, 2020

1 FT1 = 0.015 USD

Buy ETH/FT1 – 15% bonus

Buy BTC/FT1 – 16% bonus

Buy LTC/FT1 – 14% bonus

Buy BCH/FT1- 15% bonus

Buy BNB/FT1- 16% bonus

April 17 2020

1st Round on Hitmex Exchange

Round 1 – 20% Bonus

Round 2 – 12% Bonus

Round 3 – 7% Bonus

July 14, 2020

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Token Structure

Cost of 1 token FT1: 0.02 USD
Term of token sale: 75 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO
Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible
Total supply of tokens: 5000000000
Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB)
Hardcap: $50,000,00
Tokens Available For Sale
For Future Development
For Team Lock
For Airdrop & Bounty Campaign

Soft-cap Budget Allocation

  • 65% Product Development

    Product development according to the roadmap.

  • 12% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

    Expenses for attracting the retailers to the platform, making partnerships with payment providers, website builders, loyalty programs services providers and other partners.

  • 20% Business Operations

    Operational costs, non-tech staff salaries.

  • 3% Legal

    Company and subsidiaries establishment, contracts with the retailers, development of legal opinions about the entire stack of BitRewards services and retailers’ operations, etc.


Q4-Q6 2019
Platform development begins, Beta release, Idea Development, Platform paper work, Design & Analysis, Team build up
Q3-Q4 2020
Event development continues, Token sale, Exchange listing, Beta social manager
Q1-Q3 2021
More develop plan - Coming soon
Q1-Q2 2020
Event integration begins, Token sale planning, Distributor DApp
Q5-Q6 2020
Escrow platform release, More features role out, Marketing & Bounty

Fleshy Tender One offers your works more easy

The Fleshy Tender ONE
(FT1) is developed to improve the coordination between thetargeted
blockchain community and the client. It’s
going to solve many issues involved in the process but not limited to
advertisement, contest, airdrop and bounties, token distributions and many more.
In the blockchain ecosystem of today, the options available for teams
seeking to have tasks accomplished is in efficient and inorder to have
projects completed by these startup teams a lot of time
consuming activities are engaged in which often delay delivery of the mandate required.
It has been discovered that there are still vast ideas yet to be logged on the time stamp of blockchain, through this platform we are giving new
and existing blockchain project developers, blockchain users the
opportunity to get connected to the right channel using a standard medium as delivery.
Though lots of ideas are floating. Majority of the minds holding the idea
and willing to conceptualize it do not know what to do and how to go about
it and this has led to various projects with great ideas, innovations and Conc
ept being abandoned after going through the wrong path.

Bot Factory
A Telegram bot can be created in a matter of seconds on the Fleshy Tender ONE. We have already designed a functional referral and non referral bot. Ability to select custom functions will be possible in the future. To create a bot, a Telegram bot API token is required to be submitted in the bot configuration form.

Automated Distribution
Among various challenges faced by project specifically on the Ethereum blockchain is the time taken for reward distribution and there lative gas fee consumption.
The Fleshy Tender ONE has been able to totally mitigate this through a well planned schematics and thorough charted analysis which will enable the platform to follow a distribution mechanism that reduces the time taken for distribution and consumption of gas.

Event Hosting
Events such as airdrop,
bounty and contest can be hosted on Fleshy Tender ONE with just a button. Our airdrop and contest have a built in referral system which we have combined with a strict rule to prevent cheating the system by fraudulent participants. Fleshy Tender ONE has applied the Metcalfe’s law to enhance activities on the platform.
We will reward users with some
amount of FT1 token for every event participated.

Social Manager
Activities and engagement on social media channels is key to every successful blockchain project. Managing several social media channels can be a very consuming task. In this light, we have done the tedious part by connecting social channel
(Twitter,Facebook,Telegram,Medium&LinkedIn) to a single end point.

Escrow Platform
We here by present to you a simplified Escrow Platform which ensures a reliable, secure and swift transaction of peer to peer exchange of cryptocurrencies and a tokenized asset to fiat or from fiat to cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets between buyers and sellers.

Mobile Application
We will provide a fully featured application on iOS and Android to make the platform easily accessed and trading on the go. Using the secure Escrow

Future Exchanges

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